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Hello and Welcome!

Gina DeMetruis, MS Ed, BCBA LBA

Founder and Artistic Director

I'm so happy you're reading this! It means you're interested in joining theatre, creating theatre or supporting theatre for young people on the spectrum!  In any case, you're in the right place!

A quick background: I've  been teaching theatre and special education in NYC public schools for over 25 years. I studied Applied Behavior Analysis at Hunter College and became a board certified behavior analyst in 2015.


While looking for recreational programs for my teenage son, it occurred to me that a carefully  designed theatre program could address pivotal skills such as imitation, joint attention and verbal and nonverbal communication. Best part - these skills would develop from working with a community of his peers!


The underlying work of what we do is serious, but the joy of what we do is real and comes from the spontaneity and personalities of the actors themselves in response to the theatre work and in response to each other.

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