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Rehearsing for Work!

Putting Young Actors on the Spectrum to Work

Theatre offers so many opportunities to rehearse for life. In January our actors did just that and we rehearsed for work at the INCLUDEnyc Fair!

Our goal was to prepare our actors so they  (each in their own way) could:

  1.  feel comfortable walking around the fair

  2. make eye contact and interact with peers and adults to share what they do in ACT Workshop

  3.  sit behind the table to greet visitors, ask them to sign our email list and hand them a business card.

We structured this like a typical acting workshop and:

  1. introduced the activity with props or a visual

  2. modeled the “scene” with Supporting Players and then, quickly

  3. got the Actors up on their feet for the activity, providing prompting as needed.We did this activity as a musical walk-about* (with Broadway  piano music motivating and energizing the group!)

* see out blog post Musical Walk Abouts

PART 1: Writing the Script: Their scripts were the actor's unique responses to the question:

“What do you do at Autism Community Theatre?

PART 2: Staffing the table: seated at a table, actors rehearsed greeting visitors and asking visitors to sign the clipboard and take a card.

Autism Communtiy theatre actors rehears for Include NYC Fair
Actors take turns behind the table, rehearsing different roles for the Fair.

As Ethan, age 16,  told his mother:

“I enjoyed working!”


Further readings:

Leaf, Justin B et al. “COMPARING THE TEACHING INTERACTION PROCEDURE TO SOCIAL STORIES FOR PEOPLE WITH AUTISM.” Ed. Joel Ringdahl. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 45.2 (2012): 281–298. PMC. Web. 17 Feb. 2018.

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