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When “Community” Means the World

It’s a small world and  the work going on in autism communities and the work going on in  theatre communities around the globe is connected – even if unknown to one another.

This connection exists because these two communities, autism and theatre, each work to improve the understanding of people to their world, and the world to individual people.

Now,  put these two communities together to use theatre to enable people with autism to engage with their world AND to present their view of the world, to the world. This is what people are doing around the world.

It is a small world and all around the world people are quietly meeting in basements, in classrooms, in small black box theaters, and community centers and rehearsal studios and holding theatre programs for people on the spectrum. Because theatre builds community and because community theatre brings about positive change. I look forward to sharing examples of small theatre programs from around the country and from around the world where theatre is being used to empower people on the spectrum.

We are not alone!

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